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Grandmother's Buttons

~ Vintages ~

Grandmother's Buttons...

     Noble, sassy, classic, priceless buttons...Oh, the stories these relics of the past could tell.
     Antique buttons of brass, bone, glass, Bakelite, jet, ivory, Catalin, and mother-of-pearl have a past--from adorning ballgowns and nightgowns to dressing up suits and shirts.  We want to ensure these treasures have a secure future.
     Give these antique and vintage buttons new life as adornments for elegant brooches, necklaces, and bracelets.  Crafters create one-of-a-kind pieces using nineteenth-century buttons, as well as incorporate buttons from the first quarter of the twentieth century to make limited-edition reproduction jewelry.
     Be careful that the buttons are not damaged or altered in any way that would lessen their value.  Make sure the jewelry honors each button's history while updating for use today.
     In 1997, I started altering all my earrings in to fish-hook earrings, as they are easier to get on for my pierced ears.  Then, I bought a hat box full of goods at a flea market.  What was inside?  It was full of jewelry attachments and jewels, where someone had been making jewelry.  Don't throw away your old buttons and broken jewelry.  I collect them and would love to have yours if you're planning to just toss them.  Contact me at:  I will buy them.  Betty