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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snowy sleighride of long ago.
I want to hide in their sleigh and never get out.
Those were the days!  My grandparents lived in
this era in Eastern Kentucky.

Absolutely gorgeous chandelier!

Do you collect cardinal design dishes?  I do...just beautiful!


These are the snowy nights that send

 blankets of winter  white to warm your soul.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Everydays' a Tea Party

                                   The Tea Set

     Betty has started her own very unique Tea Set. 
She is asking for donations of china cups and
saucers to put together a truly unique and eclectic

     This will not just be a collection of china, but a
collection of stories.

     The collection has been started by Betty Ayers,
with more donated or pledged.

     The idea is to have a storyboard at each tea
party which will have pictures of the teacups and saucers and the stories behind them.

     When you attend or host your own tea party with tea consultant
Belle Ayers Tea Party, you will be able to check out the story behind
the cup and saucer you are using, or perhaps inspireing a few stories
of your own?

     The Tea Set is beginning to take on a colorful, eclectic life of it's own
now...if you would like to donate a cup and saucer AND the story behind it, any size, adult or child's ceramic and any seaseon or holiday (the child size will be used for Tea Tasting Parties, just the right size)...please email or bring your donation along to the next tea!

     Each person who donates a cup and saucer receives a gift certificate!

     Thank you!

Contact:  Betty Ayers
Phone:  (859) 846-9087