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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn Bliss

                                       Autumn Bliss

     Somewhere between the buzz of Indian Summer locusts and the deafening silence of new fallen snow is a fleeting, exhilarating bliss known as Autumn.  It arrives in radiant splendor, summoning our primal urges to  feather our nests.  The aroma of tea, coffee and soups is more enticing and we find a hundred ways to savour an apple.  Cords of seasonal hickory are stacked outside in anticipation of a roaring hearth and we greet the longer nights with cozy bedclothes.  We refresh our sweater supply, and stock up on candles sensing the dramatic excitement that rivals the energy of those scurrying bushy tails.

     Stroll through these pages as
     though immersed in Kentucky
     woods come October!

     xo Betty    

An Autumnal Life

     Inside the light of this new season casts comfortable sun across our sunporch a perpetually bright room.  It is a much kinder light than that cast by summer:  a veil I am happy to see my life through.  I burn cinnamon and cook cabbage to a scrumptious softness, just right for an autumn lunch, sprinkled with garlic, parmesan cheese and black pepper.  I eat with a glass cup full of walnut tea at my side to sip.  As we come alive again when the weather turns cold. 

I look forward to Autumn because mine is an Autumnal life, a Wintered soul.
As August tumbles into September, I feel myself being reborn again laughing more and complaining less.  Enjoying the changes in the seasons with you at Seasons on the Sunporch!
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Seasons on the Sunporch

Good Morning,

     Sure wish you were here!  Our sunporch is almost ready for fall decorating.  Can hardly wait.  Our shih Tzu pups occupied the sunporch for the last three months.  Then we decided to have only one, Chad and let him in the house.  Working out much better.  Now, the porch is all ours.  It holds our rose sofa and chair, a beautiful floral chair (a thrifty find), electric fireplace and we'll be bringing in the round-glass outdoor table with chairs and hopefully change the décor seasonally.  We added orange & tan plaid café curtains to the double windows  between the dining room and porch, with a large fall wreath, all facing the porch.  Porch has sliding glass door and five large sliding windows with screens, and two sky lights.  We always sit on the porch to listen to and watch the rain.  So comforting.  Decorations and sheers (pulled back) will certainly make a pretty sitting area.  Glad we finally got around to doing this project.  Pictures will be posted when completed.

Woke up this morning to cold weather, 49 degrees which is most welcome but now I wonder how warm it will be by Christmas.  We're planning on having coffee and meals out in the sunporch.  Guess we'll see about that!  Hope we're not disappointed!!

xo  Betty
This is the top to the bottom panels we add to the double windows. 
Bottom panels have a wide hem band of the dark color on the top, nor scallops or tassels.  Very cozy.

Life on the Porch

Life on the porch...

Welcome to the porch, come in and enjoy a cuppa walnut tea with me.  The weather is surprisingly cold this morning, 49 degrees and most welcome.  We need cozy cocks and snuggly blankets are called for.  There is no doubt that this is autumn - a season that has won the battle over the persuasive charms  of the Indian Summer and allowing the leaves to fall much earlier than usual, though yards are still abundant with colorful flowers. 
 Are you experiencing the same?