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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meet Chad

                             Meet our shihtzu Chad!

                                                    Before going to the groomer.

                                                                After, handsome!

     We have never had a dog that acted so much like a baby but Chad does. 
     Chad always wants our attention!  He stays right with one of us all the
     time.  Shih Tzu have hair just like people and his grows so fast.  We wanted  
     to let it grow to the floor like a show dog...we did and last week I cut it all
     off except for his head and tail.  These dogs are bred to resemble a lion and
     we wanted him to have a lion cut but I couldn't wait and longer, as he is
     very strong and we can't give him a bath.  Maybe as the weather gets cold
     he can have a lion cut,  he does have to go to the groomer once a month.
     With very short hair, he must have a doggy jacket to go outside.  TJ MAX
     has some really cute ones for $7.99.  Guess we'll shop there this week-end.

                                                                     xo  Betty