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Sunday, April 8, 2012

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     Tea is my passion.  We belong to the "Tea of the Month Club" and INVITE YOU to join us.  Call 859-294-9297 or email

We have a large family and tea is so good for your health that I make Tea Basket Gifts for our family and friends.  Extremely worth having them in
for special occasions and birthdays.

Finest selections each month:

                                   A Tin of Fine Tea,
A seasonal Afternoon Tea Menu, including recipes, the Tea Guild's
Tea Review and Newsletter, Our favorite Tea Brewing Guide, and
always a Special Surprise to enjoy with your tea!

Items ship directly to you.  Call or email Betty to subscribe.  859-294-9297 or

Special shipping charges of $5 per gift will apply.

1 month.............$22.oo
2 months...........$42.00
3 monthe...........$62.00



Welcome to my blog about family, tea, recipes, You Can Do Tea, and exciting finds.

Teacup Tuesday April 3, 2012

Teacup Tuesday ~  April 3, 2012

  This beautiful English Rose teacup & saucer, purchased at TJ MAX is
the first pattern I truly want to collect.  I have others but this one is beautiful
and pink!  Made by Roy Kirkham, England fine bone china.  The only difference
is that my teacup has a gold ring around the bottom of the teacup.
exclusive design, Footed, ribbed and no trim.