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Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Official the Barefoot Season

It's official. The fireflies and frogs have announced the barefoot season.  Even the Autumn  lovers have succumbed to hammocks and wind chimes in wait of the eminent turn.  The rhythmic hum of oscillating fans, lawn mowers, children's clamour and gurgling fountains are the soundtrack of summer.  Family potlucks, cookouts and family reunions invite picnic hampers, nostalgic tablecloths and pieced quilts to sprawl upon the ground. 

This is the nonchalant season when the living is easy.  Relaxed conversation over icy lemonade on the porch swing and patriotic cupcakes with butter cream frosting and trips to the organic market.

May your sunshiny days surprise your thirsty gardens with an occasional thunderstorm.  Revel in the aromas and visions of the leisure season until that first cold snapp induces sweater weather once again!

Fondest Wishes,
Betty Jo

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