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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Friday Housekeepers...

Happy Friday Housekeepers,

     You make a cup of mint chocolate chip tea.  For once the house is warm and you feel content after days of 10 degree weather (like ours).  Today you will make lavender white chocolate scones.
Fill a vintage tin with all the ritual you need to meditate and work your way through all the extra laundry a weekend full of housework has created.  You have plans, mission lists and domestic ambitions, so that even the kind of days that cannot be predicted have a framework to fall back on and for this, you are eternally grateful.  Boredom is never an option, when there is so much to do.

Now there is curd or jam on scones to be made and cut into tiny pieces for your little ones.  The kitchen floor needs mopping.  There is a pile of bills, correspondence, and paper clutter to be filed, same as in my house.  Table runner and napkins to be washed.  A litter tray to empty.  A heavenly new magazine to read.  Boredom is never an option.

Hugs, Betty


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