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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Feathering Your Nest

Feathering Your Nest...

You are invited to post your decorating, flea finds, designs, crafts, table settings, etc.  Anything relating to feathering your nest.  We will all enjoy it!  And, Do become a follower.  The more, the merrier.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cozy Book Club Sunday

Cozy Book Club Sunday...

This is the beginning of Cozy Book Club Sunday, sharing sweet memories.   What book are you giving your mom?  Fix your favorite cup of tea and join us for a relaxing on-line conversation about the book you read during the last six weeks.  Choose your book to read.  Easter...are you reading an Easter book?  June is National Rose month.  What book will you choose to read?

Suggestions:  Jane Austen novels, Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  Please add your suggestions.

Happy Reading,

Tea Cup Tuesday

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hello my tea cup loving friends!  I'm so excited to do my first Tea Cup Tuesday.  I feel like everything is getting back to normal after our move.  Yesterday, I took time to shop and found some lovely pink items.   I'll be showing Other colors of teacup and saucers, too!   See you here.

Have a tealightful week,

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday...

Hello Pinkies!

This will be my first Pink Saturday and I would love for you to join me.  I think it's time to be "pink!"  We are still working to get unpacked.  Boxes are everywhere.  I am still working hard learning how to use my website.  See you here!

Hugs, Betty